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Term Insurance

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A very vital investment of your life which will act as a protector to your family in case of your absence

Some FAQ related to this topic

Whole life term insurance is a term insurance policy which has term of 100 years.

No there are multiple insurance companies which offer term policies where policy term is less than 100 years.

Taking today’s scenario into consideration, if you take a term insurance that has less than 100 years, it is not worthwhile. According to the life expectancy rate in our country, any term policy less than 100 years has a chance of your premiums getting fully forfeited. Whereas if you opt for a term policy of 100 years then you can calmly expect that your family will get a lump sum amount of money in the time of your absence. To get the most suitable term policy call us at 9433401915.

No there is no maturity benefit on term insurance.

Term insurance is a type of a life insurance which provides coverage for a specific time period. Unlike other insurances it does not have any cash value return policy.

This is very specific and cannot be said exactly. This is to be determined by considering your goals , responsibilities and the time frame you want to take an insurance for. Want complete guidance for selecting the exact term? contact on this number 9433401915

Every term policy gives you a grace period of 30 days after that your policy will be lapsed.

Yes it is cost effective. The premium charged to give you the coverage for a specified period is always more.

Sum insured can be increased subject to a time limit of taking the policy. However you cannot decrease then sum insured once opted for a particular term insurance.

The amount received in case of death claims is subjected to be a deduction under section 10(10d). But however there are certain conditions. To know what are the conditions call on this number 9433401915

The exclusions vary in different companies. However, if anything occurs from any non-disclosed facts then the claim will not be paid.

No you cannot renew the same term if you outlive the termed period. You may purchase a new term insurance.

These are subjected to underwriting guidelines. Generally due to medical conditions premium gets higher.Want a quotation for your term insurance? Call us at 9433401915

Generally the insurance provider will take your basic identification regarding your name, address age etc and they will also enquire about your financial stability and medical conditions before granting you the policy. Get convenient guidance to term insurance call us at 9433401915

If you outlive your policy term you will get no money. If you die during the policy term your nominee will get the full sum insured.

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