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The value of something comes when an expense takes place. But what if there is ample amount of resource but nothing to spend on to?

Will the resource be valuable?

Among many resources for the human race to survive, “Time” is the most decisive element which builds us. It makes us learn, grow and makes us realize how it is the most important thing in life.

It is an invaluable resource to mankind. But as the law of the nature suggests, one individual realizes the value of a thing when it is absent or is inadequate.

There are numerous number of people around us who are poor in spite of having all the things we consider as riches be it money, social status, house, etc. They are deprived not because they have less monetary resources. They are deprived because they don’t have anyone to share their time with.

In General, people does not like to reach out for seeking help fearing they may get into trouble.

A vulnerable human mind always fears of being exploited. That is why the mind restraints an individual for asking or seeking help. Well, Future Smile Foundation came into existence so that you don’t feel you have excess amount of time and no one to spend time with.

A human being has different stages of life birth, childhood,adolescence, adulthood and old age. Out of all the stages of life , old age is the most crucial stages of life as in this stage of life your physical strength , mental strength deteriorates and it becomes very difficult if there is no proper help received. As old age come several issues in physical and mental condition arises too.

The elderly people are made to feel like the burden of a family. They are humiliated when they express their needs , they are not given the required mental support and affection. This eventually leads to bad health. When the situation gets worse the families send their “burden” to old age home or in even worse case scenarios they abandon their parents.

Future Smile Foundation specializes in caring for these individuals not by giving medical support but by giving these individuals a sense of fulfillment and realizing them that they are not alone.

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Greetings to the esteemed visitor,

In today’s blog , I am going to shed light on what financial freedom actually is. We all desire to do things which we would love to do but are unable to do them because of our entanglement with our responsibilities. We work hard to meet our expenses, run our livelihood but we hardly do anything which satisfies our hearts. In order to do what our heart wants, we must earn that amount of money which we are earning at present but without working. Financial Freedom means accumulating that a amount of money which will help you to meet the expenses without actually working for it.

- Sujan Das C.E.O Future Smile Financial Services LLP