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Sub-Brokership/Business Associates

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Future Smile Financial Services LLP offers an opportunity for all those individuals who are interested to begin their journey as our associate.

You can check on the FAQs section or you can simply contact us to know more.

Some FAQ related to this topic

No high qualifications are required to work as a sub-broker. You just need to pass the AMFI exam before working as a sub-broker. To know how to pass this examination and you will get help from us, contact us at 9433401915.

Yes, this can be done as your part-time job. To know how you can work as a mutual fund advisor part-time. Then call us at 9433401915.

As a sub-broker, you will earn up to 35-45% of the earned commission with GST in the ALL TRAIL model. To know more about commission structure call us at 9433401915.

To enroll as a sub-broker you are required to clear the AMFI exam, you will be provided help from us to clear the examination. After clearing the AMFI exam you have to submit some documents to us and can carry on your work as a sub-broker. To know how you can join us right away call us at 9433401915.

The benefits of becoming a sub-broker are:

1. This mutual fund market is a buyers’ market where the buyer makes decisions and comes automatically.

2. The Mutual Fund market has a consistent growth of above 20% every year. If you stay aligned with the market trend then you can expect at least an increase of 20% income every year.

3. Your income of yours is directly proportional to the investor’s growth. This market is the only such platform where you can expect if your investor’s money grows your income will grow too.

4. The commission you will generate will be based on your AUM ( Asset Under Management), this enables you to earn a regular income. In this profession, you will either earn the same or higher, the chances of earning less are not there.

5. You will get the convenience of using the app designed by us. It will highly help you to deal with your customers.

Tax exemption is there under section 80C if the investment is made on specific ELSS funds. The taxation benefits of Mutual Funds are that you have to pay a straight 10% tax on the profit after Rs.1,00,000 in case of Long-Term capital gains. Profits linked with mutual attract an overall 10% tax excluding your other incomes. To know how you can make your customer save taxes call us at 9433401915.

It is a buyer-driven market, where good quality service and strong technical support from us will help you get customers automatically. To know how you will approach customers call us at 9433401915.

We have 20+ years of experience handling the HNI portfolio, so you can expect specific customer-based guidance for each case. To get all your questions answered call on this number 9433401915.

This decision is to be taken after analyzing the customer’s needs and requirements. This investment tool can fulfill all the requirements of a customer. To get your knowledge about how mutual funds work call us at 9433401915.

We plan investments through STP( Debt to Equity & Equity to Debt ) mode, which is a safe investment strategy and does not affect the investment in the downtime of the market. To know more about how the STP plan works call us on this number 9433401915.

To know all the investing strategies call this number 9433401915. 

To know all the investing strategies call on this number 9433401915.

Mutual Fund is the most flexible and suitable investment to do retirement planning. To know about it in detail call on 9433401915.

Second Income can be generated immediately with the help of SWP investment planning. To know more about SWP investment planning call on this number 9433401915.

Passive income planning can be generated instantly through SWP investment planning. To know how you can generate income from SWP call on this number 9433401915.

Mutual Fund offers a high return-generating child education plan. To know everything about child education planning call us at this number 9433401915.

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