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Other financial services

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  • We offer sub-broker ship for selling mutual funds and health insurance
  • Trade License Application
  • Professional Tax
  • Investment in NPS
  • Food License Application
  • PF withdrawal
  • Passport Application
  • Affidavit/Notarial making

Some FAQ related to this topic

You will get only the application support of your passport. All the online form filling up till the booking of your appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra will be provided by us.

The police verification process is completely in the hands of our administrative system, you must go for police verification and present all the documents that are being asked to you.

There are several steps involved in registering your company. Before you carry on with your business venture many licenses are needed to be taken and many legal formalities are required to be done. To know in full details about the company registration mail us at or call on 9433401915.

It is a variable factor and cannot be determined with certainty. To know about every step involved in registering your company mail us at or call 9433401915.

There are many costs involved in registering your company such as Registration fees, Name Reservation fees, Professional fees, License fees, Publication fees, Auditing fees/ Annual reporting fees, Notary fees, etc.

Taxes are applicable according to the type of business you are doing. The tax implications are different if you run a sole proprietorship business, it is different for both LLPS and private companies. The tax laws are very complex and it is necessary to obtain professional help. For complete professional guidance for the taxation of your business .. mail us at or call us at 9433401915.

Here we provide online support for the payment of your professional tax. Get total help in your professional tax payment services. Email us at or call us at 9433401915.

If you are a professional by profession then you must pay your professional tax on time. Investment in NPS: If you are willing to invest money into the NPS scheme then simply raise your request by mailing us at or call us at 9433401915.

It’s full form is National Pension Scheme. It is designed to give retirement benefits to every citizen of India. It has certain tax benefits. To know about its tax benefits or whether it’s a suitable investment for you or not call us at 9433401915.

There are several steps involved in starting an investment you have to submit your application form,submit your KYC documents etc. But doesn’t worry the entire processing will be done from our end. Get complete assistance in NPS call us at 9433401915.

An appeal for application has to be made in the online portal. We will guide you in the entire application process.

Yes, you will get a deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax Act,1961. Get a detailed idea about the income tax deductions available to you. Call us at 9433401915 or mail

It can be known only after logging in to your EPF portal account. Call us at 9433401915 to know your PF balance available for withdrawal.

To know about the charges please call on this number 9433401915 or raise a query in this mail id

The basic requirements for PF withdrawal are your PAN card, AADHAAR CARD, UAN number (if you have one), and bank account details i.e.; Cancelled cheque/passbook. To get assistance in your PF withdrawal call 9433401915 or mail us at

This varies from time to time and has no fixed time frame.

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