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Mutual Funds

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Mutual Funds

One of the easiest investment option where every goal, every requirement of different individuals are covered. The return aspect of this investment tool is also quite exemplary.

For the convenience of our customers we have designed an app which lets you handle your entire portfolio anywhere anytime, purchase, redeem, explore different mutual funds, compare various mutual funds, planning your investment by calculating the future returns and what not.

We can proudly say that this app is one of the best apps in the market which lets you do all the things related to investment in mutual funds in a single platform. Using this app will only take you one step ahead in completing your dream. We are not limited in giving support through online mode only. All services which are required to be done in offline mode are being done as well.

A little glimpse of our own app

You can literally do everything with your investment with the help of this app.

Some FAQ related to this topic

Among numerous mutual funds, we carefully analyze and choose the best funds which generate good returns. If the records of our fund selection are being checked, it will be found that majority of the customers got fruitful returns. We are able to do this with our careful analysis and expertise. As we plan the investments through our app, every available mutual fund gets summed up in our app and ultimate fund suggestion is being given after careful analysis. Investment is being made by both human and technological approach.

It is obvious that online and offline combinations are required for making the most suitable investment. Offline support is required because it is impossible to fulfill different requirements of different individuals with only the help of technology. An individual’s problem cannot be determined by technology it can only be solved by another individual. Whereas, in case of app based investment it is efficient in many ways like it helps to manage large data, it helps to take decisions by analyzing lots of data in less time. Therefore, both human effort and technological help are required for making fruitful investment which is provided from our end.

Mutual Fund is the most flexible investment tool as it offers investment for every requirement of your life. Mutual Fund categories are generally classified under different time periods. Each time period have different rate of returns. You must determine your requirement exactly and according to that investment suggestion will be given. For getting an overall idea and plan for your investment specifically call this number 9433401915.

This is not exactly the same for every mutual fund. This is generally a small portion of expense which is being deducted by the respective mutual fund house to manage their expenses. We never suggest mutual funds which will take up a considerable amount of your capital. To know how you will get the best fund call on this number 9433401915.

All mutual fund investments do not give tax benefits. Only if you invest in ELSS funds, you can get tax benefits. To know exactly how you can save taxes through mutual funds call on this number 9433401915.

As mutual fund investment period are directly proportional to the return. This is means longer the time period you invest your money, greater the return you get on your investments. Therefore, ideal time period can only be determined with your expected return. To know everything about mutual fund returns and investment time periods .. call on this number 9433401915.

If you stay invested for a period of 10 years you can expect a return of 12% you’ll get more than this but definitely not lesser than this.

In simple words absolute return means an overall rate of return that you get on your return from the period you have invested. On the other hand, XIRR return means the rate of return per SIP is generating, like if you invest Rs.1,000 every month for 2 years. Only the first month’s SIP will be invested for 24 months, whereas the other monthly installments will be invested for 24months-1, 24 months-2 ….. and so on. So XIRR means, the overall rate of all the installments.

Investing in mutual funds offers the following key benefits compared to other investment options:

1. Diversification: Mutual funds provide a diversified portfolio, reducing risk.

2. Professional Management: Expert fund managers make investment decisions.

3. Liquidity: Easy access to your money with daily trading.

4. Affordability: Low minimum investment requirements.

5. Risk Management: Options to manage specific risks.

6. Convenience: Simplified investing without managing individual securities.

7. Automatic Investments: Ability to automate regular investments.

8. Transparency: Regular disclosure of holdings and performance.

9. Regulatory Oversight: Government oversight to protect investors.

10. Variety of Funds: Wide selection of fund types to match your goals and risk tolerance.

For Long-Term Equity gains you will be taxed @10% in excess of gain of Rs.1,00,000 , upto Rs.1,00,000 is exempted. Short-Term Equity gain is chargeable @15% of the capital gain. Short-Term Debt funds are added to the income of the individual and taxed as per the total taxable income of the individual. Long-Term debt funds are taxed @ 20% of the gain.

It depends on the type of fund you have invested your money. There are non-locking funds as well as locking funds.

Firstly you have to understand that Mutual Funds are not rapid money generating tool you have to give time to it and have to stay committed with your commitment. That is why it is important to first decide your timeframe for how long you want to invest according to that decisions can be given.

Yes, definitely. It is a wise choice to invest in mutual funds for retirement planning because it offers diversification and range of options to match your risk tolerance and time horizon. However, it is also important to seek professional guidance to ensure that your portfolio aligns with your retirement goals. Mutual Fund investments are a good choice for child education planning as it offers the option for long-term growth. Best options to invest are Equity funds , but that has to monitored regularly and make necessary adjustments to your portfolio by seeking professional advice.

For starting your investment few documents like your PAN card, AADHAAR Card, bank’s cancelled cheque , 1 copy photo will be rquired. Don’t worry call us at this number 9433401915 complete guidance will be provided to you for starting your investment journey

Generally, when the question comes on the ideal time to invest, the answer always remains the same. Investment should be made as early as possible irrespective of the goal. Starting early always gives you an upper hand because it allows you more time for your investment to grow and compound which eventually increases the potential to cover future educational expenses.

If the order for purchase is done within the market hours which is till 3:00 pm, i.e; if the purchase is done within 3:00 PM then the individual will get the NAV as declared by the AMC at 08:00 PM and if the purchase order is placed after 3:00 PM then the individual will get the NAV of the next day that would be declared by the AMC at 8:00 PM the next day.

If you have a financial goal and you are earning an income, then don’t wait for the right time, invest right away. There is no right time or bad time for investment. You just need to stay committed to your goal and stay invested as per your committed time frame.

The basic key points to be kept in mind while choosing a mutual fund are:-

i) Financial Objective.

ii) Time frame.

iii) Performance of the fund

iv) Professional advice

Mutual Fund investments can turn out to be risky without expert advice because of inefficient fund selection,volatility of the markets, no diversification and etc. An expert fund advisor can help you understand the scenario and make your investments correctly.

It is not the correct method for choosing a mutual fund. Past performances of a mutual fund are just a factor of consideration but it does not guarantee of fulfilling your financial goal. The important factors to consider before choosing a mutual fund is to see the fund’s expenses, which sector it has invested, the fund’s strategy , it’s time horizon, and other factors.

We offer a free checkup of your investment portfolio if you have one. Call 9433401915 on this number to get a complete mutual fund investment consultation.

Yes with a mutual fund the MIS (Monthly Income Scheme ) you can generate your pension income. To know in full detail how you can generate a pension-like income for senior citizens then call us at this number 9433401915.

For using our mobile app you would require the app credentials. We have designed this app only for our customers. Get to use this app right away call on this number 9433401915.

Mutual Funds are a secure investment tool despite being linked to the stock markets. The overall risk factor is not similar to stock markets, as these funds are diversified. To know why mutual funds are the safest investment tool, call this number 9433401915.

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