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Health Insurance

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Need for Health Insurance

  • 1. Increasing cost of medical treatment.
  • 2. Dynamic lifestyles
  • 3. Increase in environmental pollution

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance has become an absolute necessity in today’s conditions where the cost of medical expenditure is sky-high. It is a kind of insurance policy for an insurer who has to pay a specific sum of money as premium in exchange the insurer will get a medical cover for specific illness and hospitalisation costs subjected for a specific period,that is, the insurer has to renew the policy after the termination of that period.

Types of Health Insurances:

Individual Health Insurance: Individual health insurance provides individuals with the flexibility to choose a plan that aligns with their healthcare needs and financial preferences. This type of insurance lets you add individuals and insure them with individually with a specific sum insured. The sum insured of insured of the individuals are not to be shared with.

Family Floater Insurance: It means there will be a single sum insured and will be shared among all the individuals in a policy.

Senior Citizen’s Health Insurance: These plans are specially designed to meet the medical requirements of the elderly people. These policies could cost more than standard insurance policies and necessitate a comprehensive medical examination in advance because older people are more likely to have health difficulties.

Critical Illness Insurance: Numerous disorders that are influenced by way of life are on the rise. Long-term treatment and management costs for conditions like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, and cardiac illnesses can be very high. This is the main motivation behind the development of critical sickness insurance coverage. They can be acquired either independently as their own plan or as an add-on or rider to your current health insurance policy. After a critical condition is diagnosed, these policies frequently pay claim payouts as a single lump sum payment. They provide coverage for extremely particular issues.

Group Health Insurance: Group health insurance plans, as opposed to individual and family floater policies, can be obtained by a group manager for a sizable number of people. For instance, a company may buy group insurance for all of its workers, or a building secretary could do the same for all of the building's tenants. Although these plans are reasonably priced, they frequently only cover the most fundamental medical conditions. These policies are frequently bought by employers as an extra perk for workers.

Some FAQ related to this topic

Well the term “health insurance” can also be termed as “wealth insurance” because having a health insurance directly helps in preventing the decaying of you hard earned wealth. The main objective of a health insurance is to provide a protection to your wealth along with providing the necessary medical treatment to the individuals.

This depends on your individual needs or your family’s needs, your budget, the growing inflation of medical costs, and personal preferences. It would be better if professional guidance is taken based on your specific needs.

Yes you can choose to buy your health insurance from online but all the services related to your health insurance policy have to be done on your own. In reality it will be very hectic for you to do all policy related things on your own when there is a sudden uncertainty, then you will require an advisor who will guide you in all your health insurance related matters. To know how an advisor will help you and why it becomes necessary to take guidance from an advisor.. call us at 9433401915.

There are various types of health insurance, which are as follows:-

i) Individual Health Insurance – This type of insurance is being purchased by a single individual. This insurance covers only the individual who has brought it. An individual can add other members to the policy by paying extra premium for each member addition and insuring them with a separate sum insured.

ii) Family Floater: In this type of insurance the purchaser pays for a single sum-insured where this sum insured is being shared by every policy holders.

iii) Critical Illness care: This insurance covers for critical illnesses which cover for specific diseases. If the policy holder suffers from any of the specified diseases then the policy holder will get lump sump money for treatment.

You can add your parents, spouse, children and siblings to your health insurance policy.

Yes you will get coverage on the expenses of all non-medical items. For complete details of total health insurance coverage call us on this number 9433401915.

This is an additional feature that an individual can opt for their specific needs by paying extra amount including the premium. These riders provide specific benefits beyond the basic coverage and offers unique benefits which are:-

i) Critical Illness rider – This rider provides for critical illnesses which are generally not covered in regular health insurance.

ii) Hospital Cash rider – This rider pays the individual if a need for hospitalization of the individual or covered family members takes place.

iii) Personal Accident Rider – This rider pays a lump sum money to the individual in case of serious accidents to meet medical expenses.

iv) Waiver of Premium Rider - In the event of a disability or critical illness, this rider waives the premium payments for the base health insurance policy, ensuring that coverage remains intact.

No generally it is not a hectic process but sometimes it happens due to some discrepancy of the presented documents or other issues the claim settlement gets delayed. If you have an advisor with you then you should be assured that the advisor will help and guide you to make the claim settlement in case of a tough situation.

In health insurance terminology “pre-existing” diseases means a medical condition which an individual is having before taking up the health insurance.

Yes all modern treatments are covered under health insurance. Want to know how to plan to cover the medical expenses for a specific disease/modern treatment through health insurance .. then call this number 9433401915

Yes treatments in abroad are covered under health insurance scheme. Get complete knowledge about how to avail abroad treatment benefits call us at 9433401915.

Yes it covers pre-existing diseases subject to underwriting.

Yes, health insurance has complete coverage for all kinds of critical illnesses. To have a complete insight into health insurance coverage call us at 9433401915.

Re-imbursement claim: This means at the time of discharge of the patient all the dues of the hospital would be cleared by the patient party. Then the insurance company will re-imburse all the expenses borne by the patient party at first. Pre-post : You’ll get the benefit of claiming medical expenses that are related to prior and after the main hospitalization period. Cashless claim settlement: In this type of claim the patient party need to spend a single penny from their pocket. Everything would be settled by the insurance company at the time of discharge.

Yes it is compulsory to have a nominee to your health insurance policy.

Yes. Of course you can take a health insurance policy if you are diabetic.

Accidental diseases are diseases which cannot be present in an individual’s body pre existingly like dengue,fever.. etc. Non- accidental diseases are diseases which did not happen to an individual by accident. like kidney stone, etc

Yes you can avail the portability benefit by keeping everything same of your previous policy to your new one. To know how portability would benefit you.. call us at 9433401915.

Yes it is covered under a health insurance scheme. Get complete understanding how to plan for critical illnesses.. To know more call 9433401915.

Yes, these illnesses are covered under health insurance. To get complete knowledge and how to plan for any critical illness through health insurance. Call this number 9433401915.

For reimbursement and pre-post claims it generally takes 15-20 days for settlement provide that there is no discrepancy in the documents submitted and the health insurance company finds complete relevancy on the submitted documents with the disease associated with the claim.

This depends from person to person, ideal coverage amount cannot be said beforehand.

Yes you may have multiple health insurance policies.

In that case you can talk with the respective bank and port your policy with the present health insurance company that your bank is partnered with at present. Practically it is wise to purchase your health insurance policy directly from the company or through an authorized advisor.

This is wealth insurance and not a “health insurance”. A health insurance does not guarantee that you will not go to the hospital. It provides the guarantee that your asset will stay unaffected and will not deplete after your hospitalization. Therefore, the role of health insurance or wealth insurance is to safeguard your total asset. So it is worthwhile, to have a sum insured which is equal to your total assets.

As a health insurance agent, we act as a lawyer on behalf of you. On behalf of you, we process the claim procedure legally to the insurance company. We are here in this industry for 20+ years and can assure you that you will get complete service related to your claim from our end.

A health insurance agent acts as a lawyer for you. Issues related to claim will be handled by the agent making you tension free.

Imagine you are a fighting a court case without a lawyer. The situation will be same as not having an agent to guide you in case of critical situations.

See, generally if you purchase a health insurance from bank you will not get the support from an authorized agent. Another disadvantage is that in case of banks, the respective individual with whom you had communicated for your health insurance may or may not be available to help you at the time of your requirement, as the job roles there are very dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is not always possible to render service to you whenever you require it urgently. This problem will not occur if you have an authorized agent to help you.

Yes claim can be done from day 1 from the issuance of your policy. To know more about the coverage of your health insurance call on this number 9433401915.

Yes you can transfer your health insurance policy from one health insurance Company to another at the time of renewal. All your accumulated benefits from your previous insurance company will be added to the new insurance policy.

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